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About Us

Get to know about OrangyClean!

Who are we?

OrganyClean provides sustainable, affordable, eco friendly, & innovative cleaning products by the utilization of beneficial agricultural materials through up cycling into valuable hygiene products.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: Our mission is to provide sustainable, ecofriendly, & innovative cleaning products.

Vission: OrganyClean is looking to be one of the leading pioneers in the innovative cleaning products sector not only locally but globally.

Our Values

Social Responsibility






uniqueness & objectives

Uniqueness: Start up working on up cycling beneficial left overs into innovative and valuable hygiene products.  

Objectives: * Encourage people to support upcycled products which helps in the circular economy.

* Contribute in saving more tons of agricultural leftovers in being turned into wastes.

* Promoting safe and natural hygiene products.

Our Promise

To keep working hard on product innovation so that we help the society to best of our abilities.

OrganyClean is a startup working on green and sustainable hygiene products by turning the agro waste into new, innovative, and valuable cleaning products, while contributing to the agro waste management.

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